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Sinopsis Capture the Flag (2010) Adapted from the novel by Rebecca Chace, Capture the Flag portrays the tenuous relationship between a father and a daughter in the socially turbulent 1970s. Teen-age Annie and her father Luke are about to gather with friends for an annual game of Capture the Flag. This year, a lot more is at stake than the white T-shirt standing in for the flag. Annie's parents are on the verge of divorce, and thi ... s is the first time she and her father are participating without Annie's mother. What starts as a joyous reunion soon breaks down as friendships among the adults fracture and new allegiances among the children are formed. Over the course of this weekend, Annie learns that even though some things change, the most important relationships will somehow endure más

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  • Lisanne Skyler


  • Duracion: 14
  • Visto: 80 veces
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