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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where she graduated Lake Highlands High School, Amy Acker is the oldest of four children, three daughters and one son, of Robert Acker, a lawyer, and Sandra Bruyere, a housewife, and the cousin of Joel Jeffrey Acker. An acting major at Southern Methodist University, Amy acted in several college theater productions. She appeared in various roles during the fantasy segments for the popular award-winning children's TV series "Wishbone" (1995), which was filmed in Texas and consisted of Dallas theater actors. Upon graduation she worked in Wisconsin and New York before winning the role of "Fred" on "Angel" (1999).  - PepeCine

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Dec 5, 1976 En Dallas - Texas - USA
Primer personaje en:
movie The Energy Specialist
Último personaje en:
Episodio-Online Gifted 2018-01-01
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Película Online The Lord of Catan - Amy Acker Sugar Monkey 2014-03-22
Película Online Let's Kill Ward's Wife - Amy Acker Geena 2014-12-23
Serie Online Marvel's Agentes de S.H.I.E.L.D. - Amy Acker Audrey Nathan 2013-09-24
Película Online La cabaña en el bosque - Amy Acker Wendy Lin 2012-04-12
Serie Online Common Law - Amy Acker Unknown 2012-05-11
Película Online Mucho ruido y pocas nueces - Amy Acker Beatrice 2012-09-08
Serie Online Vigilados, Person of Interest - Amy Acker Samantha 'Root' Groves 2011-09-22
Película Online Una esposa para papá - Amy Acker Crystal Carruthers 2011-08-11
Película Online Sironia - Amy Acker Molly 2011-10-21
Serie Online Grimm - Amy Acker Unknown 2011-10-28
Serie Online Érase una vez - Amy Acker Nova/Astrid 2011-10-23
Serie Online Escudo Humano - Amy Acker Unknown 2010-01-17
Serie Online Happy Town - Amy Acker Rachel Conroy 2010-04-28
Serie Online No Ordinary Family - Amy Acker Amanda Grayson 2010-09-28
Serie Online Dollhouse - Amy Acker Dr. Claire Saunders / Whiskey / Clyde Randolph 2009-02-13
Serie Online Almacén 13 - Amy Acker Tracey 2009-07-07
Serie Online La esposa ejemplar - Amy Acker Trish Arkin 2009-09-22
Película Online 21 and a Wake-Up - Amy Acker Caitlin Murphy 2009-10-30
Película Online Voces - Amy Acker Ellie Daly 2008-01-06
Película Online El dragón y la princesa - Amy Acker Luisa 2008-09-18
Serie Online October Road - Amy Acker Unknown 2007-03-15
Serie Online Drive - Amy Acker Kathryn Tully 2007-04-13
Serie Online Sin cita previa - Amy Acker Molly Madison 2007-09-26
Película Online The Novice - Amy Acker Jill Yarrut 2006-09-30
Película Online Celebrity Mix - Amy Acker 2005-01-17
Serie Online Sobrenatural - Amy Acker Andrea Barr 2005-09-13
Serie Online Entre fantasmas - Amy Acker Tessa 2005-09-23
Serie Online Cómo conocí a vuestra madre - Amy Acker Unknown 2005-09-19
Serie Online The New Tom Green Show - Amy Acker Unknown 2003-06-23
Película Online Groom Lake - Amy Acker Kate 2002-09-21
Serie Online Alias - Amy Acker Kelly Peyton 2001-09-30
Serie Online Ley y orden: Acción criminal - Amy Acker Leslie LeZard 2001-09-30
Serie Online Liga De La Justicia - Amy Acker The Huntress / Helena Bertinelli 2001-11-17
Serie Online CSI: Las Vegas - Amy Acker Sandy Larken 2000-10-06
Serie Online Ángel - Amy Acker Winifred 'Fred' Burkle / Illyria 1999-10-05
Serie Online Wishbone - Amy Acker Catherine Morland 1995-09-10

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